What we do

Polynomial (algebraic) control methods

Invented here and exported to the rest of the world, the so called 'Czech school of control theory'. It is taught at every good technology university around the world. Significant results, hundreds of articles published in prestigious magazines, thousands of citations, monographs by the worldfs best publishers. Polynomial methods are used in many areas. It is used in systems intended for muscle control for paraplegic patients in the Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

Active vibration control for flexible aircraft

Vibration control methods for future high-capacity Airbus aircraft. Proposal of robust control and formation of control interference with the aim of increasing passenger comfort, and decreasing both weight and fuel consumption.

Robust control

Development of a new approach using a combination of polynomial methods together with optimization methods (for example LMI – linear matrix inequality, semi-definite programming etc.). Theory: original results, dozens of articles in prestigious publications, hundreds of citations.

Application: proposal for positioning of very large telescopes (VLT) at the European South Observatory (ESO) in the Atacama Desert in southern Chile.

Numerical algorithms and software for control proposal

Fast and reliable algorithms for the calculation of matrix polynomials, second and third generation methods. Application of structured matrices, orthogonal transformations and FFT. Theory: top-end globally acclaimed results. Dozens of articles in prestigious publications, hundreds of citations.

Application: commercialized for SW Polynomial Toolbox for Matlab (PolyX s.r.o.), used by dozens of companies (Mitsubishi Electric, Daimler, Lockheed Martin, Petrobras, Saudi Armaco, Sandia Lab, US Air Force) and hundreds of universities all across the world. Our algorithms for polynomials of high degrees (1,000 and more) are used by the Swedish company Dirac Research AB for filter design, which significantly increased BMW speaker quality.

Linear combustion engine

A new type of non-rotating engine. Linear piston movement in the cylinder is directly transformed into electricity using a liner electrical generator. Unique prototype intended for hybrid mass production cars of the future.

Combustion control for power plants

Advanced control methods and combustion optimization for Honeywell Prague Lab; results implemented all over the world: the Otrokovice heating plant (combustion optimization for pulverized coal-fired boilers and economic output allocation); Namjeju, South Korea (optimization of soot removal); SINOPEC Jinshan Principal Power Plant, Shanghai, China (combustion optimization for fluid boilers); SASOL, South Africa. International patents.

Aircraft control

Stabilized deck with camera for the Sojka pilotless military aircraft, autopilot for a small helicopter, avionics for ProAir ultra-light aircraft.

Control in micro and nano scales

Actuator field control (1,000 x 1,000) for deformable mirrors (astronomy, ophthalmology); rapid thermal processing (RTP); dielectrophoretic technology (DEP). Particle flow control for self-assembly and surface coating.

Non-linear systems and chaos

Non-linear systems control, non-linear observation, synchronization of chaotic systems. Theory: Articles in prestigious publications, hundreds of citations. Application: Secure encryption using chaos.

System identification

Theory: identification methods and modeling, subspace methods. Application in biomedicine: data processing from functional magnetic resonance imaging (localization of hemodynamic response in the brain).

Application design in real time (RT)

Communication in industrial networks (Profibus, Profinet, CAN, Interbus), CAN and Linux controllers (they support a large number of cards), Matlab/Simulink for the Processor Expert – a design environment for Freescale processors, ORTE protocol – communication of real time over a UDP protocol.

Scheduling of real-time applications

Scheduling of FPGA, scheduling of communication in time-critical applications (Profinet IRT), scheduling of sources with regards to the system requirements (processor, network), scheduling for wireless networks (WiFi, ZigBee).

Communication networks for trains

Implementation of network and transport levels for a train communication network (Train Communication Network IEC 61375–1) in VxWorks for UniControls, which is used in its solutions (e.g. the TCN gateway) for customers such as Alstom, I and Bombardier, Canada.

National specific transmission module (STM) for the ECTS European train control system

proposal and implementation of the communication receiver for AŽD Praha and Ansaldo F – 60% of Czech railway locomotives will use it.


Thin films for optics, mechanics and biomedicine. Development of deposition apparatus and processes for large-area screen applications. Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes. Graphene and its application. Publication in prestigious publications, dozens of articles, hundreds of citations. The results are often applied directly in practice (self-lubricating layers in the automobile industry, proposal of deposition apparatus for an international company).

Analysis of human movement

Evaluation of Parkinson patientsf condition, medication administration control, detection of motion phases with inertial sensors.


Theory: non-linear control methods of walking robots. Application: ultrasound guidance student robot for the Eorobot competition, a two-legged robot with 12 CAN regulators, micro-robot control from EPFL Lausanne.

Cosmic technologies and sciences

Cooperation with overseas universities within the scope of the SpaceMaster European MA program (control in satellite formation, x-ray orbit observation sensors, preparation of small Can-sat and Cube-sat satellites).