Seminar: Control and state-observers, an outlook of applications in the automotive industry.

18.11.2016 - 10:00
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Leading automotive OEM and its suppliers have been investing large effort in the development of autonomous driving capabilities, a new technology trend that is revolutionizing not only the market but the concept of personal transportation as we know it. Although it is clear the need for controllers and state-estimators to accomplish vehicle driving assistance/autonomy, this seminar will outline some of the challenges that arise from this application and how the streamline the development of controllers for complex multi-physical systems. Moreover, other non-intuitive applications of controllers are discussed in the automotive context, such as the suppression of vibration, noise cancelation and adaptive suspension etc. Finally this presentation will introduce the concept of virtual sensing, a technique in development to allow for the merger of physical models and testing to further extend the data obtained during tests.

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