Talk by prof. Jan Lunze, RUHR Universitat Bochum: Self-organising control of multi-agent systems

15.07.2014 - 10:30
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Let me invite you to a talk given by our guest prof. Jan Lunze from RUHR Universitat Bochum. The title of the lecture is Self-organising networked control of multi-agent systems and brief overview of the seminar is as follows:

The presentation proposes a scheme for self-organising networked control of multi-agent systems, in which the local controllers of the agents decide, based merely upon their local information, about the communication towards and from other agents. As a disturbance affecting an agent has some effects on all neighbouring agents that are coupled with the affected agent throught the communication network, large disturbance effects can be avoided by switching off the communication whenever the disturbance on an agent exceeds a given bound. As a consequence, the structure of the networked controller is adjusted to the current disturbance situation. It is proved and demonstrated by a robot example that the proposed controller bounds the effect of any disturbances on all undisturbed agents.

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