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Raman spectrometer

Raman spectrometer Horiba Yvon Xplora (laser wavelength 532nm) is used to analyze the films, wear tracks, ball wear scars and wear debris particles. We designed and constructed a holder for an external Raman head connected through fiber optics with the standard device (see Figure). Such settings allows measuring the changes in the wear track during the sliding test (quasi in-situ measurement).

3D white light profilometer

Zygo NewView 7200

  • Non-contact, three-dimensional, scanning white light interferometry
  • Objectives with Field Zoom Lens: 5x, 20x, 50x
  • Vertical Resolution: < 0.1 nm
  • Lateral Resolution: 0.36 to 9.5 μm; objective dependent
  • Data Scan Rate: ≤26 μm/sec, user-selectable; camera and scan mode dependent

Vacuum tribometer

Vacuum tribometer was constructed by members of the group to study friction and wear at wide pressure range (10-5 to 105 Pa); the sample can be heated up to 300 °C.

High temperature tribometer

High temperature tribometr (CSM Instruments)

  • maximum temperature 800 °C
  • maximum load 10N/friction coefficient (i.e. higher for low-friction contacts)
  • counterparts: balls (diameter 2-15 mm) - alumina, silicon nitride, 100Cr6 and 440C steel
  • maximum sample dimension - diameter 55 mm

Ball cratering test

  • Ball cratering tests (CSM Instruments) is used to measure coating thickness of thin films and their abrasion resistance.


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